Electronic Signage Web-Based Control Systems
Finally, owners of LED signage and message centers can manage and control their signage from a web browser or mobile device – from anywhere in the world!  That’s right; no longer will you need to be anywhere near the signage control computer to change what is being displayed on your sign.  As a matter of fact, all you will need to do is access the secure Signage America portal online, and your entire signage content will be available to view and change at your fingertips!


If you already own a sign, it’s not too late:  Signage America can apply their technology to a sign you already own.  If you are considering a new electronic LED sign or message center, Signage America is the premier choice for high-definition electronic signage and advertising systems.  In fact, the Signage America web-based control system is bundled standard with all of Signage America’s new high-definition electronic signs.

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Hi-Def Electronic Signage

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