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We service our customers and distributors with only the highest quality, highest resolution Hi-Def products.

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Welcome to Signage America!

We have become America’s premier electronic signage and advertising source by taking great pride in the amazing products and services that we provide. Signage America began as a wholesale distributor of electronic signage and programmable message centers to the signage industry. Our reputation has been built by our unyielding dedication to the most cutting edge products, the highest level of customer and technical support, and the constant development of new, innovative, and results-oriented advertising programs. In June of 2009, we extended our reach beyond wholesale distribution, to the direct sale of our high definition electronic signage products right to business consumers such as you! We are able to provide the finest that the industry has to offer at prices that we are confident will be many percentage points below even the most aggressive sign dealers; while providing you with the support and stability of a national company.

Of the many advertising mediums, electronic signage has the benefit of being called an “investment.” Advertising your business using radio, newspaper, television, and phone books all require significant capital outlay, but once the time-scope of the ad expires, so does your capital outlay. Electronic signage, quite oppositely, is a one-time investment for a lifetime of advertising, which will cause you to leverage each dollar spent helping you to experience an ongoing increase in return on investment with every eye that catches your bright, clear, high-definition sign! For your business to be remembered, you must get noticed first!

Because the signage industry has splintered into several different segments in the past several years, many sign companies attempted to become all things to all people. In this industry, that is a very dangerous promise to make. Here at Signage America, we specialize only in what we are experts at; High-definition electronic signage. We are 100% confident that your decision to invest in electronic signage with Signage America will be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. We look forward to joining you in the process of building your business through an investment in advertising.

Introduction to Electronic Signage

Technological strides have been made in recent years which have brought about a paradigm shift in the way that we represent our businesses.  The goal of signage has always been to communicate to customers passing by our location, exactly what it is that our business is all about.  For years, companies have used the “changeable letter signs” that you see remnants of even today.  By changing the message at regular intervals, business owners came to realize that they could attract a broader spectrum of customers by reaching out to different potential customer’s needs over a varying amount of time.  In addition, it was discovered that changing the message on your sign regularly also piques the curiosity of those people who pass by your business at regular intervals causing them to shift their attention to your sign with each time they pass by.

The day dawned where those old changeable letter signs gave way to electronic signage that would convey text and graphics to passers-by  in a much cleaner, higher-contrast fashion than could ever be accomplished before.  As technology has progressed, so did the picture quality, clarity, brightness, and overall appearance of the message being displayed on the signage.

Signage America uses only cutting edge LED technology in all of its electronic signs, delivering an unprecedented candidness in both still images as well as full-motion video.  Electronic signage resolution is discussed in terms of “pixel pitch” which is measured in millimeters.  The number of millimeters of pitch denotes the space that each “pixel,” occupies, or cluster of LED lights that create a portion of the display’s picture.  It is very common to see 20mm to 35mm of pitch being used on electronic signage by suppliers all across America.  Many displays that use such pixel pitches result in a blurry or less-than crisp image to be displayed on the screen.  Signage America has taken the bold step to use only high-definition pixel pitches(less than 16mm), resulting in an ultra-clear high definition picture to be displayed on your screen.  The net result is a gorgeous sign, with gorgeous graphics that more people will look at ever day, turning more traffic into customers, ultimately bringing profitability to your business.  The Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates that businesses that employ on-premise LED signage will experience an increase in business between 15% and 150%!!!  With statistics like that, every day that passes without an electronic display is costing your business valuable profitability!  For your business to be remembered, you must first get noticed!

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